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Orbit 5.1 web development suite
Orbit 5.1 web development suite Orbit 5.1 web development suite
Orbit 5.1 web development suite Orbit 5.1 web development suite

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"Orbit is a
Web application
suite for Oracle"

The Orbit Web Development Suite is the fastest and easiest way to build enterprise-class web applications in Oracle.

Orbit touts a feature set surpassed by no other web development suite on the market.

Orbit is designed specifically for professional Oracle developers wishing to build robust, feature-rich web applications. Orbit gives Oracle developers complete control of the development, from presentation level HTML to backend PL/SQL customizations. The built-in package generators, page wizards, and templates give developers a huge head start in development with no limit in functionality.

Whether you are building a new web-based application or migrating an existing legacy application to the web, Orbit is the development suite Oracle developers prefer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may experience side effects from using Orbit, such as Instant Gratification, additional free time, and increased risk of promotion. If you are currently using another development tool, please consult a professional Orbit representative for advice.

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Top Features Comparison Matrix
Feature  Orbit ASP
JSP/ JAVA PHP Cold Fusion Oracle Portal HTML DB

PL/SQL Package Generator with User Exit Extensions

Powerful & Easy Markup Language Designed for Oracle developers

100% Web-based Development Interface

Integrated User Management and Role-based Security

Application Framework with Built-in Session and Transaction Management

Integrated Multi-Language and Globalization

Integrated Version Control Repository

Administration Utilities & Reports

Instant Gratification Development - Zero Compiling

Seamless Deployment with Zero Downtime

Deployment Options: PL/SQL or Java / JSP

Target Audience:
Professional Developers

End Users Power Users

1. PL/SQL Package Generator with User Exit Extensions
Dynamically read the Oracle data dictionary to generate PL/SQL packages for managing web transactions, inserts, updates, and deletes customized for your application tables. Specify your settings and choose the packages to generate using the Package Generator Wizard user-friendly web-interface. Orbit generates User Exit extensions for supporting business rules and customizations. Concentrate on your business rules and needs, let Orbit do the grunt work for you!
2. Powerful and Easy Markup Language Designed for Oracle Developers
The Orbit Markup Language (OML) is an extremely powerful development language. Its foundation is an Orbit Token, a substitution variable represented by a token name enclosed in pound signs (i.e. #token#). OML has evolved to encompass different types of tokens (Global, Local, Query, Internal), Token Modifiers which alter the formatting and presentation of token values, and Token Functions for more powerful manipulation techniques.
3. 100% Web-based Development Interface
Access your Orbit work environment from virtually anywhere at anytime. Orbit's 100% browser-based interface integrates seamlessly with Oracle databases. The IDE contains an easy to navigate tree menu, allowing developers to quickly handle any task within the application. The collaborative development environment allows multiple users to interact with the application development simultaneously.
4. Integrated User Management and Role-based Security
Orbit contains a built-in user table with role-based security. Control page access and procedure execution rights based on access groups or specific users. Orbit makes it easy to define page level access privileges. Users can easily be granted access groups which define the applications, pages, and functionality they will see.

This also has the added benefit of security auditing. Know which users signed in when, for how long, from which IP address, using what browser, and what they accessed. Powerful information with built-in Orbit functionality.
5. Application Framework with Built-in Session and Stateless Transaction Management
Session Management - User session management is stored in the database within Orbit's application framework. Users will never again be kicked off of an application when the database goes down. Stateless session management is seamless to end-users.
Transaction Integrity - Prevent user double-clicks, browser refreshes, and back button resubmits from causing duplicate transactions and records.
Record Contention - Prevent concurrent users from overwriting each other's changes with built-in optimistic record level locking.
Log Statistics - Support for Page and Query statistics logging and auditing. Drill down by session level for a Click-Stream analysis of the path a user took through an application. Use the runtime statistics to determine pages that are taking a long time to load.
6. Integrated Multi-Language and Globalization
Effortlessly enable multiple languages in your application with Orbit's multi-language and globalization support features. Translators can sign in and translate text at the page level, application level, and even lookup table data. Several translator roles can be assigned, including "Translator" and "Translator Administrator", to put the control in the user's hands. Other globalization features are supported, such as country or user defined date masks, date-time masks, and currency formats.

The "Message Translation" feature is also great for user modifications to boilerplate and help text, such as company specific terminology.
7. Integrated Version Control Repository
All Orbit content is stored in the database within the Orbit repository. This provides an easy way to do application version control, either automatically or at pre-determined intervals. Easily copy versions of your application for instant backup or side-by-side comparison with new versions. Orbit provides a version control panel interface for easily making changes to application parameters. In addition, there are also system parameter maintenance screens for truly parameter driven applications without hard-coding.
8. Administration Utilities and Reports
Convenient and easy access to all administrative tasks. The Orbit suite provides you with powerful utilities for managing source code such as development snapshots, migration, archiving, code comparison reports, version control panels, and real-time synchronization.

Orbit provides flexible reporting capabilities to give you the exact results you want with parameter driven input, including date range searching, wildcards, validation, and different report output styles.
9. Instant Gratification Development - Zero Compiling
Get immediate results!! Make any changes to your application and view them immediately by refreshing your browser window. Orbit is 100% web-based, which completely eliminates the need for compiling when changes are made to your application, making your development effortless. We've coined this "Instant Gratification Development", and it's such a "refreshing" way to develop.
10. Seamless Deployment with Zero Downtime
Orbit's presentation layer can be deployed seamlessly to even the most demanding production environments with "Zero Downtime". There are several methods to deploy your application in Orbit, namely archive tables and real-time synchronization. The repository archive tables support archive, export, import, and restore to migrate an application to remote or disconnected installations. The web-based real-time synchronization utility (right) can be used for faster deployment when databases are local and can be connected with database links. The sync utility is also extremely useful for comparing changes between application versions. Application deployment has never been this easy!!

Orbit runs on any operating system supported by Oracle (Windows/Unix/Linux), and deployment between platforms is effortless.
11. Deployment Options: PL/SQL or Java / JSP
Choose the deployment technology that best suits your business needs. Orbit supports two types of runtime engines, Orbit's internal database engine, and an application server Java toolkit for running Orbit JSP pages. Orbit's flexible deployment options allow you to build your application in Orbit's real-time engine, then export your application presentation layer to JSP to run on top of Orbit's Java toolkit. The Orbit engine will do all the work for you, saving you the time and effort needed to learn Java technology.
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"Orbit enables us to turn around our customer requirements in hours rather than days. Orbit is as solid as a rock" - Motorola Software Engineer

"We have saved significantly with Orbit, both financially and in terms of needing fewer resources, developing faster, deploying faster and training people faster" - Unicity Network IT Manager

"Orbit is what Oracle Forms should have been on the Web." - Castaway Training Developer

"After looking at ColdFusion and Orbit there is no comparison - Orbit is so much stronger. After installing Orbit, I created my first web report in less than one hour" - Fleet Vehicles Agency
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